Time for Global Conservative Strength. (Return Motivation to the People!)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Davos organizers also say they failed to play tough with the financial-industry bosses. read.
"We let it get out of control, and attention was taken away from the speed and complexity of how the world's challenges built up." more.
"Schwab dared not question delegates on logic."
Image: Daniel Acker

Well, I am one who believes that we shall least survive in a state of need, but rather, by empowering our strengths... It was entrepreneurialship which developed medicine, invented technology, and contributed to worthy causes. Out of which, business opportunities employed masses around the globe; and allowed Markets to purge themselves...Naturally.

Government cannot legislate Utopia: Over-taxation Kills Motivation!
Socialists have long used the Markets to further their Political agenda, by using "civil-rights" and "over-regulation" to champion power over masses.
-It is happening today in US-elections!

Video ht: Logisticsmonster
Below: The Winds Of Change: Our Fight For Economic Freedom!
-By TheMouthPeace:
They will never realize...
"Our Successes come from the ability to proudly succeed, from the Freedom to humbly fail; and from the Freedom to pick ourselves up, and learn from our mistakes… And then try again until we succeed.
...On our own terms."
So here we are.... With Obama Leftists who remain ignorant of history, and are falling into the trap of their power-hungry tax-happy, Nation killer policy.
Video Worth the view…

McCain/Palin -08-

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