Senate Dubious Investments Bail-out (H.R.1424)

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Not time to post today. Enclosed a few links:

Wizbang: Understanding $700,000,000,000.00

The Four Horsemen of the Financial Panic:
Real actors behind the mortgage panic of 2008

According to this article:
"The plan is operationally questionable – with little clarity about dealing with the pitfalls of price-fixing, how a “reverse auction” won’t be easily manipulated to allow prices to get bid up, and other problems." more.

Components of the alternative plan.
Others weigh in... ht: Erick Erickson
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Michigan,11 District)

How do you know that the Burning Down the House video was effective?
View VIDEO: here.

SEC Clarification May Limit Role:
of Mark to Market Accounting

Rep. Ron Paul

M. Malkin: Flash: Senate bailout vote scheduled tomorrow at approx. 9pm Eastern; shamnesty tactics all over again

There will be up to 6 roll call votes on the following items:

(1) Motion to concur on the House message, H.R. 2095, Rail Safety;
(2) A Dorgan amendment relating to H.R. 7081, the U.S. - India Nuclear agreement;
(3) A Bingaman amendment relating to H.R. 7081, the U.S. - India Nuclear agreement;
(4) Passage of H.R. 7081, the U.S. - India Nuclear agreement;
(5) A Dodd amendment to H.R. 1424, relating to the bailout package; and
(6) Passage of H.R. 1424, the bailout.

Friends of Americans for Tax Reform
Did the Federal Reserve need to cut rates this low “for the economy?” Not if one believes in low inflation as a necessary precursor of economic growth. The price of gold, which is a good indicator of future inflation trends, has grown from about $250 per oz. in 2001 to $900 per oz. today. That’s a gain of 260% in just over seven years. more.

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