Media Drives Stocks & Three-point race Joe the Plumber Speaks for the Nation

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"The Investor's Business Daily/TIPP poll (which was closest to the mark in predicting the 2004 outcome -- 0.4% off the actual result) now says this is a three-point race." #

"Because of investors' great anxiety about the economy, Wall Street is expected to remain extremely volatile, as it has been over the past month since the credit markets began tightening and stocks plunged." more. (Until Nov. 5th?) (Don't panic with snap-judgements! Wait it out.)

HUGE populations represented in the words of Joe the Plumber:
662,000 American Dreams (Kat-Mo) ace of spades hq

-Here's his latest words ht: Video hotair

The Media dominates the headlines with Financial woes, and are already planning the party. They know how to handle big events; after all they handled the Pope's Visit (30 years ago) more.

Obama Hasn't Closed the Sale:
Mr. McCain is hitting Mr. Obama for wanting to raise taxes in difficult economic times, especially on small business and for the purpose of redistributing income, and for having lavish spending plans at a time when the economy is faltering. He's criticizing Mr. Obama for lingering on the sidelines while Mr. McCain dove in to help pass a rescue plan, necessary no matter how distasteful. And he's attacking Mr. Obama for not joining the fight in 2005 when reformers like Mr. McCain tried to rein in Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. more.
Today's Links...
Ed Morrissey has this: Debate: Did Bob Schieffer demonstrate bias?

Update: Obama claims his lead would be bigger if not for Fox News: hotair
Predictable: Watch the Media try to create a smoke-screen by doing everything they can to discredit the plumber... Is he in trouble if he has a family? ... Or maybe a tanning bed? 'Character-assassination' is alive and well in Lib-media.

Pethokoukis: (ht: Ace)
Did Barack "Spread the Wealth" Obama Just Blow the Election? read.
On travel today... More later. We leave for Switzerland on Saturday!

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