Leftist-Vote Rides Back of US Work-horse

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (Switzerland)

Liberals took over Financial Markets to provide "free housing" with "creative Financing"... Eventually killing the Markets. Their promise to impose extra burdens is like a lion on one's back.

Joe the Plumber survives Lib-Media smear campaign!
Media surprised plumber is still standing... An 'unnamed' reporter remarks, "Usually it takes only a week, for complete dismantle." VIDEO.
(Seen here, walking his dog)

Obama crowd...beneficiaries of something freeee!!!!

"Why not, promise everyone a fat welfare check", an 'unnamed' member of the Obama-team replied. When asked for actual amount of tax-increase, the official replied. "I don't know, we'll just pick a "really big number."

Obama-Team arrives to Heckle McCain Rally
(Lib-language warning)

In their face, as instructed... I guess Family is no longer off-limits? read.

Looks like these voters could use a serious history lesson, as are likely voting for their own 'eventual' tax... Predictable that an Obama election will prompt mass layoffs and/or Mass business-exodus... Government take-over of Middle class job-creators is also a predictably wrong direction for the Nation!
(Reality: Middle-class job-creators = Earnings of 1 million per year.)

Or will the undecideds step forward to empower McCain's job-force incentives to keep Americans employed... Protecting inheritance, and job-creator's capital?
-Pre-posted: Still away... Returning (France) on the 25th.

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