Dr. Ali Explains Narcissistic PD in Leadership (& the Dangers)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (Switzerland)

While self-centeredness is a character flaw, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a mental disorder. Dr. Ali Sina provides clear distinctions between the two. (Video Below)

"One is sane the other is insane. Narcissists are harmless if they are not empowered. They are dangerous when in power."

-ht: atlas
Dr Ali Sina explains more, in this highly informative video:

Compare behavior Description! To the letter!

Emotional disorders make one least likely to bring about meaningful compromise. The Narcissist favors leverage 'without conscience' to strengthen their control, and goals...

After 140 days (present) in the Senate, Obama says that he presents significant keys... But with narcissistic disorder he'll unlock the door to nowhere... In fact, aside from his seriously flawed defense policy; I see misunderstandings and power-control amidst leaders of the Middle East... From my perspective, this is likely to empower significant difficulties, under an Obama Presidency.

Obama's grasp of "RULE of the World" is largely delusional; and is apt to meet harsh resistance...

Dr. Ali explains, "All politicians are maybe self centered, but NPD is a mental disorder. Few politicians had them. Those who had such a disorder and came to power caused the death of millions. Selfishness is a character flaw while NPD is a mental disorder."

QUICK NOTE: I see Palin's willingness to work with and empower every single leader of which we hold difficulty... (Likely in Great Britain under Cameron leadership.) She would work well (however) with all other regions of Europe, i.e: Italy, France, Germany, Spain, etc; and Russia!! (as would McCain)

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