Dems Create "Polls" We’ll Create Voters

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Clear Victory for Palin in last debate... Funny how actual records prove that Biden would have seriously failed an "Obama Sheriff Squad" or "Truth Police." -or whatever it's called. (Obama's Iranian-style Organization.)

ht: gatewaypundit#

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OK... Palin got the name of a General wrong... (1 mistake)

Ace found Biden's 22!!! Biden's 14 22 Lies, Gross Factual Errors, and Moronic Misinformation

-And then Ace clarifies:
"I want to stress -- these are not lies. Lies are conscious falsehoods told to advance one's position. These are simply the moronic ramblings of a man who is too [BLEEP] stupid to even glean the most elementary information from his day-in, day-out 36 year long job." read more.
Floridawomenformccain Counted Biden's 14 solid lies (mis-truths)
All of which are found in the video (Above). And just for the record...
Florida women are entirely accurate...

What do they need, a Jeopardy panel to hit the buzzer on inaccuracies?
Biden: [Buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz-buzz]

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