To Clarify: Mae/Mac Game-plan Gets a "D"

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

America belongs to the people...
The US Constitution is against enlarging Government; and seeks to put States and the American people in control of decision... This is the time to elect leadership capable of working beyond party-lines to address new regulations...
-McCain, Palin on economy: It’s time for some real reform!!
View more at Hotair!

Passionate tone in this Video is about Americans! h/t Hotair!

-No place for bigger gov, & 'Crisis' as divisive politics, for a campaign:
Obama blames Wall St. crisis on Republican policy...
No time to reinvent and oversight history, of lax regulations which drove it.
And a Majority Left Congress who failed to approve Bush legislation to Regulate it... It was a system doomed to failure...

I've reported on this before...(h/t Glenn Reynolds.)
This from Jennifer Rubin at: Commentarymagazine
"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac survived scrutiny by manipulating, cajoling, and lobbying politicians and hiring board members who were politicos (e.g. Jamie Gorelick) rather than mortgage gurus. They hired lobbyists, gave massive donations, obtained nice tax breaks, and sailed below the regulatory radar screen...
"Of the 354 lawmakers who received money from Freddie and Fannie between 1989 and 2008, Sen. Chris Dodd (D) received the most. But next was . . . drumroll . . . Barack Obama. Yup. And he was only there for three years. Not too much went to John McCain, about a sixth of what Obama received." More.(h/t Glenn Reynolds.)
Time to Unify and purge elements which weigh on our system... The larger picture is the absence of regulation... And a correctable one, at that...
This is the time to elect leadership capable of working together to address this to heal our Nation... And a fresh new mix of middle Congress...
"Larger Government" will make YOU the Change THEY are waiting for...
Vote people! McCain/Palin -08.
(And good-by current Congress seat-holders!)

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