Please Come to the Aid of IKE Victims (Feedthechildren.org)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

The enormity of Hurricane Ike’s destruction is sinking in, and many are feeling discouraged, fatigued, and frustrated. Ike’s victims are hurting and need our help!

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Without News Coverage...
Few are aware of their true plight... But big hearted Texans, strong and generous, see this tragedy deepening. Sadly, time is not on their side... Please help!

-National Geographic: SLIDESHOW

The lives of children and families are likely to be affected for weeks by the lack of power, refrigeration, and basics that are now hard to get.
We must come to their aid! OPTIONS

Electricity is out for millions, meaning:

» Food is spoiling
» Water treatment plants remain contaminated
» Heat and humidity test patience
» Gas pumps won’t work -- (even if a person can find a station that has gas.)

They need your help to provide emergency relief like safe drinking water, food, and personal hygiene kits for evacuees and storm victims.
Please donate now:
» $35 will deliver 250 pounds of food and water
» $70 will deliver 500 pounds of relief supplies
» $105 will deliver 750 pounds of critical relief items

www.Feedthechildren.org: Secure Site
D. Worth said that it took less than 5 minutes, in the states...
(Even less, here Internationally.)

Helping Those Along the Gulf Coast John McCain issued this statement regarding Hurricane Ike. Cindy lists organizations you might choose to use, for sending to IKE Victims. (I prefer Feedthechildren.org.)

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