Liberal Friend Flies Tad East of IKE (Biz)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Update 13th ; Eve of 12th (US) : Well... My friend almost missed the plane to return this AM...Like a good friend, I kept after him to return on the next flight! "Friends don't let friends stay during an approaching (cat 3)"

Update in his area...Tropical storm conditions spread along the central Gulf Coast, including in New Orleans Friday. Meteorologist Josh Nagelberg reports a 69 mph wind gust was recorded in New Orleans and a 57 mph gust was reported on the north side of Baton Rouge Friday morning. Parishes along the southern Louisiana coast tonight are facing water levels close to that of Hurricane Rita in 2005.
And yet, a stubborn population stayed to ride out the storm!

Now, this is not,"11,000 who could not leave."
This is 11,000 who refused to go...

[Enlarge: IKE's Erratic Path]

You do have to do some serious soul-searching, to justify staying during an approaching storm...

A significant part of Galveston Island is under water, 6 hours before Hurricane Ike is forecast to make landfall. The devastating storm surge will continue to rise tonight on the barrier island and other coastal areas along the central and upper coast of Texas....

Start of post on 9/11 (AM- US Time)

My friend's mother, in the states, emailed me, indicating that he was boarding a plane S.F. (ca.) to New Orleans!! I did a quick search, and emailed the lefty (haha)

Poor lady, she said that she couldn't talk him into canceling the flight to Louisiana to knock-down a business contract... Indicating that nobody can accurately predict the span of this storm…
[Image Enlarge:] Nat. Hurricane Centre

See what some of you men do to your mothers? (smile)

Quick search: According to Drudge: "Ike, on current track, should make landfall along the central Texas coast Friday night into early Saturday as a major hurricane."
Drudge posts this chat
My Email:
Hi! Wow did you hear about the storm?

View Map: Here.
View Satellite Here.

Live from professional following the course to Galveston:

2:36 Eric Berger: If you're 12 feet above sea level it means you're in pretty good shape.

2:37 Is northwest Harris county looking better now that is shifting east?

2:37 Eric Berger: Yep.

2:37 Eric Eric...The 2pm model runs shifted the path east. Do you see that trend continuing?

2:38 Eric Berger: Well, that's been the trend for the past 36 hours. From a persistence standpoint I would bet on that rather than a shift back to the south.
"Hi. Yes, but I'm not concerned, doesn't look like a prob."

Point-to-case on different ways of thinking...
I also was the one who sent this to him:

Executive summary:
John McCain Experience:
Congress: 26 Years; Military: 22 years

Barack Obama Experience:
Congress: 143 days; Military: 0

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