Fallen Sub prime Orchard (The "O" Tree)

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Today, Americans are URGED to look beyond partisan... The very failure to ask questions, has led millions of Americans into serious peril...

Ace posts the Bush inquiry in 2003: read
Those who fought the inquiry, are slowly revealed to be prominent in the melt-down which is forming a liberal campaign tree... Ace explains

The Democrats' block of any attempt at reform. "Ostensibly to keep the pyramid scheme of easy money flowing to credit poor homeowners. But largely because their big donors at Freddie and Fannie successfully lobbied them to keep their fire sale going." A tree which links to and from (past/future) of Mr. Obama...
WSJ: "Barney's Rubble." Engineer of an economic crisis.
("What the hell is he still doing chairing the committee?")
READ: Fannie Mae Liberals: Here.

In this Video, Mr. Obama slams Sen. McCain on calling for a commission to review economic crisis...(read links below) More Campaign associations fall from grace...

Henessy View posts this spreadsheet Click Here
And explains the economic peril, and names Democrat greed and avarice on a scale unseen since the Roman Empire!

Fannie also bought off activist groups such as the corrupt Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which has been indicted, multiple times across the country, for vote fraud (Obama worked closely with ACORN as a street organizer in Chicago). Fannie’s lobbying efforts paid off as liberal politicians such as Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Rep. William Clay (D-Mo.) worked to kill any real reform of Freddie and Fannie... The Washington Post reports: “In an internal memo in 2004, Fannie Mae executive Daniel H. Mudd affirmed what the company’s critics had long contended: In the political arena, ‘we always won’ and ‘we took no prisoners.’”

What they ended was any credit-checking at all, as subprime mortgage providers simply stopped verifying self-reported claims of income and in fact ended even the most basic prudential element of a mortgage -- the down payment. Obama Economics Adviser Austan Goolsbee continued defending and lobbying on behalf of the mortgage industry's no-money-down-no-credit-check policies at least until September of 2007.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s continued efforts to raise the cap on the size of the loans that Fannie and Freddie can buy: Read..

Many parts of the bill the Senate passed last week only continue the worst aspects of the crony capitalism at the hard of Freddie’s success. This is especially true of the Community Development Block Grant funds that have long been a goal of partisan housing activist groups like ACORN. There is an opportunity here to use the recapitalization the White House is now proposing to re-organize housing finance by breaking up Fannie and Freddie and creating several smaller truly private entities that can compete.

Many of you didn't ask the proper questions, and I see this, again... But you must weigh the effect of electing Pelosi affiliates who want a "controlled inquiry... But thrust me... This crisis WILL be cleaned up. People, this it is your country, your money, and your vote... Keep your eyes open to the recent felonies handed down (past and present) And start asking questions!

PS: I leave (Italy) until Saturday...Ciao!

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