Dems Should've 'Palin-Checked' Obama

Update: From Jake - Obama says he outlined plan for Stimulus Package.
Did he? -Democrats on Capitol Hill who support Obama say no. read.

And then leaves a 2 min. 'slap on the back' as his ties to the very wallstreet offenders, go completely unchecked... Hotair: VIDEO- View.

According to Huffingtonpost:
How Obama Won Democratic Nom:read.
"Obama was running at least 20 points behind Hillary Clinton in polls. His above-the-fray brand of politics just wasn't getting the job done, and some of his top moneymen were urging him to rethink his strategy, shake up his staff, go negative... You'd better get here, Pritzker told Obama...And fast...#
Image: Pritzker Realty Group

First Dems want to take US to 1970...
Now they're taking US to Chicago, 1933! VIDEO

Today from American Spectator: BREAKING THE BANK
"The woman whom Barack Obama is crediting for organizing the Barbra Streisand fundraiser it held last night in Hollywood (and see above) is also partially responsible for one of the...
Greater Banking Collapses in American History!" More.
"Superior's failure could still cost the federal deposit insurance fund tens of millions of dollars or more. And hundreds of people whose deposits exceeded federal insurance limits, such as Ms. Sweet, are still out millions of dollars, which will be reduced some by future Pritzker settlement payments." #
Note: One reason Pritzker may have been enamored with Obama was his willingness to press legislation that loosened state regulatory policies for land developers and multi-family property owners. #

Pritzker also served as finance chair for Obama's Senate run, and supported him during his time in the Illinois state legislature. read more.

And Jarrett, by the way, is now considered to be the top candidate to fill Obama's Senate seat should he be elected President.American Spectator.

VIDEO: CNN's Crowley Transcript here.
"Give us 'Horrific' Wall Street Headlines"
(Thanks for the splitting headache, Pelosi! See Ya'all come November!)

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