Debate: Round 1 Belongs to the Maverick

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

I was a guest over at ABC, which incidentally, was the best run debate, ever... The host remarked that if ever one said, "Well I'm looking for the heavy-weight boxer." ...McCain was the one.

IMAGES: Charles Dharapak

McCain's wife (also a pilot) flew him in from earlier challenges of the day (D.C. economy) and after the debate, returned... This following question most resonated with my choice of McCain:
When asked what sacrifices they would make in lieu of the economy; if elected President... The bulk of Obama's response wandered to the need for programs for education, adding programs for health care, adding new infrastructure, etc.. etc.. etc.
McCain responded by promising to do what he is famous for.
McCain will immediately audit those in the hundreds of levels of government, to determine the usefulness; and eliminate those who abuse the system, and drain taxpayers' funds...
This crucial issue addresses what nearly brought our Nation to an end.
(topic continued below Video)

ht: ace: "This was McCain quickest post-debate video, ever!"

And I suspect, in light of the track records of the two; that unless McCain is elected, those who still chair these mortgage programs, and still sit on the boards; will find themselves still in the loop...

And anyone with even the slightest degree of business economics, will realize that a inept system of Mortgage run by the same enablers; will spread this failed methodology to other markets, such as prescriptions, medical and health care. And HUGE spending i.e: the same players spell a mismanaged green-bubble...

ps: The media has a lot of explaining to do, particulary with how they see themselves in the future... And as with all of America; I am sure they too must change... I can honestly decide for myself, in this election.

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