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Image sent to Gallerie:
The rest of the picture: Here.
Reader writes: "In Solar Eclipse i was with my son on the old Market area in my city watching partial eclipse. We also noticed sunlight beams falling on the ground. As well as I was surprised when I saw the sunlight beams reflected on my son's chest."
-Image: Hassan Alsabbar -Diwaniya, Iraq (a daily visit) posts more eclipse images from: Frouville, France | Carnikava, Latvia | Stockholm, Sweden | Feldbach, Styria, Austria | Moscow, Russia | Ohain, Brabant wallon, Belgium

Hu says China stands by Games pledges, web curbs lifted!
Still harassed by Media...
-This means you are welcomed to Super-Powerdom.

Olympics 08 is the fulfillment of a 100-year dream, and in ernest... Hu will honor commitments made to Int'l Community... Read story.
Image: Chinese Pres. Hu Jintao/David Gray

Amidst major earthquake and targeted terror-threats... Understanding and patience is needed, as I do not think that a "perfect Country" exists... May God, show welcome & kindness. China is our neighborhood.

And speaking of God... Here's Mathematical proof. ;)

NOTE: I'll be away for awhile... Painting at the studio (Moujan)
Will check in from time to time...

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