Russia takes control of So. Ossetian capital

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Update: Russian navy sinks Georgian boat-Defence ministry #
-Spiral of violence, clips Georgian Infrastructure & Military...
Image Below: Democratic Georgia (Tbilisi)
Bottom-line: Saakashvili has made re-unification of Abkhazia an re-asserting control over the rebel regions a priority of his presidency; and Russia made re-unification of Georgia's region of Abkhazia, an irrevocable part of Kremlin foreign policy...

Russian jets target major oil pipeline-Georgia?
If this is true, I don't know how they will survive the winter.

Russia's special envoy Yuri Popov arrived in Tbilisi to mediate peace talks between the two sides... This is an area where mountains form a barrier (between the region and Russia) leaving only a one-road pass closed off in the winter...

This picture (below) taken December 20, 2006; shows ruins in the nearby with Kodori Gorge village of Tsibilda. Abkhazia broke away from Georgia in a 1992-1993 war in which several thousand perished on both sides.

Abkhazia's civilians, caught between two machine guns Story.
Image Below: Denis Sinyakov -Getty Images
The Kodori Gorge was declared a demilitarised buffer zone between Georgian and Abkhaz troops. But in July, Georgian troops mounted an operation in the gorge ostensibly to stamp out a local rebellion. The Abkhaz side, however, considered it a first move by Georgia to retake.

The Abkhazians eventually pushed out the Georgian troops the following year, with the help of Chechens and Russians - who simultaneously armed the Georgians...
Following the war, some 270,000 Georgians living in Abkhazia
fled to Georgia , according to the United Nations.

Today's Links...
"Humanitarian corridors" MUST be Formed...
By agreement, Russia and Georgia should create a path to evacuate refugees from Georgia's separatist region, of South more.

Russian forces control Tskhinvali - Tbilisi
10 Aug 2008 08:55:20 GMT
Source: Reuters
TBILISI, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Russian forces have taken control of the capital of South Ossetia... Story.
Around 15 explosions heard near S.Ossetia capital, Tskhinvali (on Sunday) hours after Georgia said it had pulled out after heavy fighting with Russian forces. Read.

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