Plan of Action, Role models Would Reject

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

This plan was Canvassed with much intimidation, and presented to the tiny country of Georgia without an opportunity to be represented with council. There is no proof of guilt, and they could loose their country so easily, to one more powerful...As they decide how they will split the provinces of a country?

This violates even the most basic rights to a trial or fair hearing...

"Russian armoured vehicles patrolled the flashpoint town of Gori and about 60 tanks, armoured personnel carriers and other vehicles were seen on the road from Gori to the Georgian capital, 75 kilometers (45 miles) away."

An AFP reporter saw Russian troops shouting: "Tbilisi, Tbilisi". More.

Russian tanks roll deep into Georgia, break truce: More. 1 hour, 7 minutes ago
To (w) Abkahzian separatist forces backed by Russian military might pushed out Georgian troops and even moved into Georgian territory, defiantly planting a flag.
Image: Russians S. Ossetian (Tshinvali)

Hundreds of South Ossetian rebels with some Russian army personnel went house-to-house in villages near Gori. They set houses ablaze and looted buildings...

The body of a man, apparently a civilian, his mouth caked with blood, lay in a street in the village of Dzardzanis and nearby the body of a bearded man could be seen crushed under an overturned mini-van...#
The Georgians are stripped from using self defence, while the offensive progresses. You are urged to contact your leaders. Be heard, now!

-Must Read: Russia fires shot across bows of EU, US and Nato: Here.
(Video) More than can be solved today... Sarkozy.

"One cannot understand Russia with the mind.
One can only believe in it."
-Putin Quote (from Russia Poetry)

Report - Russia-EU accord possible in a year: Read.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev answers questions during an interview at the Kremlin. Kremlin officials have told Russian news agencies that Moscow and the European Union could complete a new partnership accord in a year if negotiations go smoothly.(AFP/RIA Novosti/Dmitry Astakhov)AFP - Russia and the European Union could complete a new partnership accord in a year if negotiations go smoothly, Russian news agencies quoted a Kremlin official as saying on Wednesday ahead of a summit meeting.
(Volsholavic -08/AFP)

So, what about Ireland? And Ukraine, & the Baltic states? And, according to Medvedev's decision; Abkhazians will not choose Georgia; but what's the plan if they choose Independence?

-Must Read: Russia fires shot across bows of EU, US and Nato Here.
(Video) More than can be solved today... Sarkozy.

In 2006, it was pointed out at the International Policy Network, Russia did not qualify for G8 membership either by the size of its GDP or GDP per capita. As for economic freedom, Russia comes in at no 122, while the other 7 are all in the top 25.

HT: robertamsterdam
Remembering Sarkozy's 2007 meeting with Putin, as he urged Russia to build democracy ahead of talks with Putin on resolving East-West tensions over Iran and Kosovo... No likelihood of that!
(AFP/Eric Feferberg)

They fashion after my ancestors, who would have rejected the behaviors of this Regime, entirely... This might be the reason why there was never any word of closure for the families more directly related than I... Just one of the many on hold.

And look at this... The Jr. Senior with 175 days Senate experience, who voted against the war from the beginning (when he took office in 2005!)...
Claims to have been talking about South Ossetia , and the need for a high level and neutral international mediator... All along.
Ace has this: "My Hesitancy Was Well-Founded"

Directly opposite of the groups who worshiped him, only a week or two ago!
Berlin protesters demand Russian forces leave Georgia...
Hundreds of people demonstrated in central Berlin on Tuesday for Russia to pull out of Georgian territory, calling on European powers to do more to stop the fighting.

Bombs dropped in Gori on Tuesday morning killed several people, including a Dutch journalist working for the RTL television channel...

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