Iraq: Preserving Unity of the Nation

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

As Iraqis step up to assume more responsibility for the welfare of their people, and fate of their Nation... Article from Gulf News ...
Iraq needs accord on national unity. Read.
Image: Khalid Mohammed

"It goes without saying that achieving autonomy is at times necessary and perhaps even the best offered option to adopt when it comes to a country that is so diverse, such as Iraq. But it is also important that the unity of the nation is preserved, as any break-up of the country would lead to further instability and violence, no matter how autonomous some regions may become." More.

Iraqi PM Addresses Tribal Conference:
Calls Establishing "State of Law
Al-Maliki urges the Iraqi tribes "to close their ranks based on good brotherly relations," stressing that "a secure, stable, and independent state will have to protect each inch of land of Iraq and foil any attempt to destroy its territorial integrity."

Let no neighbor deny Iraqis their strive for Unity...
Future generations are in the hands of the Iraqi tribes...
الروح المعنوية جيدة مع السعودية ، مثل الملك عبد الله :)

Our young men and women believed in you, in a time when the World and Loved ones, held uncertainty... (video right)

Iraqis Made Video (Left) Commitment of Unity. :)
ونحن الشيعه والسنة…وتجمع لنا من هو الله ومحمد
… لا سني ولا شيعي … لدينا هدف واحد
… البقاء معا … بارك الله لكم جميعا … من يفصل لنا … ليس منا

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