Friday's Totality: Catch NASA TV

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Worth the view! NASA Team goes to China! View exploratorium site which follows the eclipse from China to space.

Image: Drudge/China Eclipse

The Brits watched too! VIDEO.

You don't have to be in Greenland or Mongolia to get a front-row seat for Friday's total solar eclipse... But it wouldn't hurt... And (of course) flying over Nova Scotia: It's NASA TV!

The eclipse will sweep across Earth in a narrow path that begins in Canada’s northern province of Nunavut and ends in northern China’s Silk Road region at sunset...
Best locations: Parts of Canada, northern Greenland, the Arctic, central Russia, Mongolia, and China. More great NASA Video Here.
If you miss this one... Don't worry...
Future Total Eclipses Visible from China:
During the next 90 years, there will be 7 more total solar eclipses visible from China on July 22, 2009; March 20, 2034; Sept 2, 2035; April 30, 2060; August 24, 2063; April 21, 2088; October 4, 2089.. :)
Remembering this total eclipse, in England! (LIVE)

Incredible Imagery (Video) HERE.
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - Total Eclipse of the Sun...
Superstitions have entertained many cultures throughout the ages...

View 4th-century BC star map in China:
Constellations as seen by ancient Chinese Astronomers

Image Caption (above)...
The total eclipse, a week before the Beijing Olympics; will spook the superstitious but Chinese authorities have no reason to fear for the Games, astrologers and feng shui experts say...

Other Links...
An Antarctic Total Solar Eclipse (2003) as enthusiastic eclipse chasers ventured near the bottom of the world... Read more.
Credit: (c) Fred Bruenjes (

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