Congress Energy is Like 'Solar Spacecraft'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Worth the read: John Stossel on Energy Independence: Read
"It's amazing how ideas with no merit become popular merely because they sound good." HT: Instapundit
As Congress stalls on energy
And rejects a palette of useful and proven technologies...

Image: daylife "failed Congress"

Vote the "Change" they aren't expecting, in November! Or Inherit the Wind.

I'm reminded of the fuel-free Heliogyro type solar sail, which sounds interesting, might (someday) see its day... Today, no ship has ever sailed.
However, unlike the Congress energy plan, NanoSail-D is not expected to accommodate current spacetravel...NASA: Sailing Ships in Space? Maybe.

More about the Solar sail...

"If the deployment is successful, the sail will deploy and we’ll be able to pick up slight changes in NanoSail's orbit a few days into the mission." -Montgomery
"The main objective of this mission is to gain experience in quickly developing a low-cost nanosatellite project, but we're hopeful we’ll do one better and successfully deploy a solar sail," said Edward "Sandy" Montgomery, NanoSail-D payload manager at the Marshall Center.
"Ames recently conducted a rapid mission for an astrobiology payload, but this is the first time NASA has created a solar sail for nanosatellites... Story.

Congress is waiting for you to vote for "THEIR change" in January... While shunning a full energy package (including domestic oil, increased gas reserves, and nuclear)... Show them YOUR "change" in November!

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