'Global Warming' Caused Regional Problem? (Since 1975)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Groups brought to question have said that it must have been Global Warming; while other portions deny that Darfur happened at all...
Image Humanitarian Info. Unit (04)
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VIDEO: Meet the UN Peacekeepers: Story.
I do not think blame will solve this. #

No doubt that access to food and water is limited: Read.
UN Humanitarian Groups protect the starving... in over 100 Nations. We are asked to provide millions in aid for this region; while hundreds of thousands are pushed from their land and displaced. Government Militia and janjaweed force-cleanse these villages; while UNHCR tracks incoming arrivals from Chad, Niger, & parts of Sudan.
There are routine murders, displacements, aid is stolen, land is cleared.

"Ten years ago, 120 states made a pledge that victims of the worst atrocities could find justice." -Dicker (Director at Human Rights Watch)

Again: I Do not feel that blame will solve this, at all. Read.
Occupation of "internal auditors" for close monitor should clear up the problem... But they will have to be the good people who do not want history to judge them, as history has many of life's darkest moments.

I understand multi-culturalism connects w/ survival of fittest;
I have concern for populations and humanitarian friends in Darfur...

There is an old proverb in Sudan:
"Don't insult the crocodile until you've crossed the river."

Resources, displacement, occupation... All are part of life's most difficult and complex "repeat-themes"... Q & A: Sudan's Darfur conflict.

In Africa, "People" were once the resources...
Appointing world monitors might have stopped the sale of slaves...

We must forgive... We need to work together, to better all.

UPDATE: While atrocities are, tragically, a fact of war; much the same as the blight of crime is a fact of human existence... An overwhelming majority of our service men and women are committed to completing missions which better populations; as are the brave peace-keeping volunteers who risk their lives to protect innocent civilians from attack...

So you can see that small populations, who commit injustices, reflect on entire populations... The African region must be empowered to heal any wrong-doing; just as with any wrong-doing, in the U.S... It can be done, but not unless we ALL realize that we are ONE humanity.

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