Berlusconi gov't wins confidence votes

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Berlusconi gov't wins confidence vote in Italy:
ROME (AP) - Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi's conservative government won a confidence vote in parliament Tuesday over a security package that includes measures to fight crime and a contested proposal to suspend some trials. The lower house passed the proposal 322-267 and the measure now goes to the upper chamber for final approval. More.


Berlusconi: A Napoli fine dell'emergenza rifiuti #
Berlusconi upholds his Commitment to clean Naples, and in just 56 days of office, he has already cut taxes in June.

Today, to make official the end of the emergency, the Italian President has called a special session of the Council of Ministers in Naples. #

"Now the city is finally clean, it's up to the Napolitans to keep it clean."
"Now this emergency is over, we will finish our task working Saturdays and Sundays as well". Silvio Berlusconi called a press conference at the end of the cabinet meeting in Naples to repeat that the region has been cleaned up from garbage and that now he will look for those 'guilty' of causing 'the disaster'. Read more.
The city looks wonderful! Good job...

It is a fortunate country who can have a strong leader…
In America, the left strives toward 'gov’t dependence' programs, fairy-tale defense, and death of middle class (via depleted growth)… In fact, Congress majority even refuses to respond to immediate energy needs, until after the election....

Video: Tributo alla città di molti amici: Sights
Together in Italy: Island of Capri.

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