Beauty and the New Beak...

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With the aid of medical professionals, the life of an endangered species is spared. A new beak, designed for a bald Eagle, replaces one lost by gunfire. Story

(left) "Beauty" & the Bionic prosthetic beak.
AP Photo/Young Kwak

ST. MARIES, Idaho - Beauty, as she was later named; was found starving to death, with a beak tragically "shattered by poacher's gunfire." Taken to a bird recovery center in Anchorage; Caretakers hand-fed her for two years, w/ hope that her beak would grow... They waited in vain...

After two years, it began to look as though she would have to be euthanized; but after receiving permits from US federal Government; they took her to Cantwell's Birds of Prey Northwest Ranch in Idaho...

Mechanical engineer, Nate Calvin, designed an artificial beak; and dentist, veterinarian, and team of experts, went to work!
View Video Repair! HERE.
Molds were made of the existing beak parts and scanned into a computer, so the bionic beak could be created as accurately as possible. Finally, after many molds and fittings, successful attachment of a prosthetic beak was achieved!

Warning (music loud) But what a beautiful bird...

HD Eagle feeding babies:

UPDATE: Flag Day on 14th...
A very special thank you to the troops and crews...#

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