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Diego Velázquez (June 6, 1599 – August 6, 1660) #

An Age of prolific Masterpiece... Velázquez became the grand template for many Artists who worked outside impressionism or realism...
Surrealists & Cubists, reached back into history...

"I would try to do it in my own way, forgetting about Velázquez” - L’Atelier de Picasso

Volumes of Tributes would follow Master Velázquez, from period Artist Greats, such as Manet, Courbet, Poussin, Delacroix, El Greco, Cranach…

(Image Above) I am seeing Dali's (1958) Tercentennial Representation of Velázquez; as is inspired to depict earth shift from 3-D to hologram awareness on many levels of today's reality.

Video Memories: The Vast and Lovely collection of Velázquez:
Quick post.. Staying another week, in Italy...

A Little Wiki: "Velazquez' daughter was an ancestress of Marquises de Monteleon, including Enriquetta Casado who in 1746 married Heinrich VI, Count Reuss zu Köstritz and had large number of descendants among German aristocracy, among them Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands."

Velázquez Links:
Heart-warming story of Juan de Pareja.
Juan de Pareja's was apparently left to Diego Velázquez in a will, as property. He acted as a personal assistant to Velázquez, and in the studio he ground pigments and stretched canvases. Read more.

Dali's baroque heart: read.

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