Political Balance and Future of Iraq (etc)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
"Any lasting solution to this endemic problem of state weakness in Iraq would require full, not just symbolic, Sunni political participation in the government." So says Armed Conflicts and Conflict Management Program at Stockholm International Peace Research.

Maliki government has committed to economic and political reforms under the International Compact with Iraq process (as only the Iraqis can correct.) The video below (experienced war Veteran) examines 'cause & effect' of an imbalanced Iraqi Gov; during a rushed Democrat withdrawal...
But I have faith in EQUAL political (Arab) balance, for Iraq's Gov.

FACT: We made mistakes, but we are not at a pre-war decision...
Unless the Iraq Government integrates equal amount of Tribal seats in their political process, to strengthen Int'l Unity... The neighborhood will carve the boundaries deeper into Iraq after a quick "U.S. Democrat withdraw."
Radicalized elements will likely use weaponry in the region near Palestine, drawing US into a larger war... Havoc would spread in mass proportions.

It's not too late for a fair political reform...

Armed Conflicts and Conflict Management Program at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said it would take a more representative Iraqi government; for Arab neighbors to strengthen ties with the country.

"Unless the political transformation of violent Islamist movements in specific national contexts is encouraged and the transnational ideology of violent Islamism is ‘nationalized’, it is unlikely to be amenable to external influence or to be destroyed by repression."

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