Militants Merge into Democratic Fold

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
Pakistan, militants agree to peace deal
Pakistani officials said they were "committed to implement the 15 points of the agreement as part of an effort to reduce the violence that has swept the province and spread to the country's major urban areas." Read.

Lebanese Rivals Reach Agreement
"We must ... pledge never to resort to arms to resolve our political differences," Saniora said. "We should accept each other and hold dialogue to solve the problems. We want to live together and we will continue that. We have no other choice." Read more.

The Doha-based negotiations came after the Arab League mediated a deal to end the week of deadly violence that paralyzed parts of the country...
The Qatar negotiations hit snags from the very start, with neither side willing to give concessions...

وتدعم هذه المدونه ابو ظبي ، س العربية ، وإسرائيل.
Peaceful Negotiations- Remembering:
Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Read more.

In a perfect world agreements can now be addressed democratically... But in my heart I know that it is a mad world... Radical militants have left the planet unsure of its very survival; and not the other way around... We are human, and at times are lost, and do not know what to do...

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