ArabNews: 1st Saudi to Climb Everest

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
This story caught my eye... In less than 24 hours this climber will make Saudi history... And although they've become world famous for "fearless" drifting...
This time the sport is climbing...

Al-Zuman: 24 Hours From Making History
"We hope to reach the summit in the early hours of May 21” he said... “I am fine except for some coughing and exhaustion.” Read more.

Update: 2008 Mt. Everest Expedition Arrives.
Images and Story: mountainmadness
Video & Gallery: peakfreaks

Image: Mountain Madness 5/21/08

Al-Zuman is an economics graduate and studied at Oregon State University in the US; who has scaled Mount Rainer in Washington State... And, according to the article, has looked forward to the Mount Everest climb...

As temperatures are known to dip to minus 50 degrees Celsius; Saudi media is following his progress via satellite...

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