Summer of 08: Billionaires Old & Nouveau

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

He took textile firm Berkshire Hathaway in 1965… And went on to become the largest, Democrat: 'Outsourcing King' in the World...
And now, the richest.

Despite the challenges American people face, I'm not worried about America's resilient economy: View challenges in Pictures. Here.
Eventually Panic wore off; and priority set in... But a US shift to Socialism is the wrong direction! Now, as family British billionaires, sink in the worldwide growth of wealth....They hold up 26 member EU States.
Look at the (Socialist) contempt toward Billionaires:
Typical Article : Forbes 2007 list: Nearly one thousand
Billionaires in the world, a misfortune for humanity.

American Philanthropy Sends Trillions to the World Stage (Each Year)
The Biggest Billionaire Gifts of (U.S. 2007) Slideshow
"Donations aid toward cancer & pediatric clinics, health research; of which scholarships, fellowships fund sciences extend the world over… Medical researches to detect, diagnose, treat & manage disease… And clinical trials for Int’l vaccines, and more...

Financial grants; to assist in finding Int'l cures for breast cancer, diabetes, pancreatic cancer... Of which neuroscience, computer science, and unity in Space exploration; U.S. brought the World together like no other."
Slideshow of the Credit Crunch Billionaires : Here.
Fortunes which have decreased, but survived the end of subprime.
American billionaires 'richer' despite a weak economy : Here
Hundreds of American Billionaires still register above 10 billion:
List of 400 Billionaires: Slideshow.
The World's Youngest Billionaires: Here.
Top 12 Richest Men of Russia: View Slideshow.
China's Richest : Picture Slideshow
Forbes: Four of the World's Twelve Richest Men of 2008:
1) Warren Buffett ($62 bil) Berkshire Hathaway (US)
2) Carlos Slim Helu ($60 bil) Mexico (US imports) :D
3) William Gates III ($58 bil) Microsoft (US)
4) Lakshmi Mittal ($45 bil) Steel (London)
Note: Lakshmi recently delivered 580 tons to be used in construction of the World Trade Center Memorial in New York. Asia's richest citizen lives in London, making him Europe's richest resident.

Note #2 Richest Man: Mexico's Carlos Slim Helú... He donates hundreds of millions to the William J. Clinton Foundation, for sustainable growth in Latin America; while America has 'unlimited' immigration...

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