Blueberries on Mars: Sandstone Matrix (New Zealand)

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Thunderbolts of the day has this: Story.
"Strange round nodules of solid stone are found on a beach in New Zealand. Are they “concretions” precipitated over eons? Or is electricity a better explanation?" View Spheres on Mars (Meridiana Planum) taken on Rover's Sol 19 Mission...
Video shows an interesting phenomena: Moeraki Boulders...

More about:
Described as glassified spherules, created by C. J. Ransom in his VEMASAT laboratory, proving that lightning strikes might be a way by which stone eggs form. When NASA reported the discovery of "blueberries" on Mars, Dr. Ransom shot rock dust and soils with high voltage electric discharges. His results look remarkably similar to the Martian blueberries and to other such accumulations of stone balls on Earth. Read more.
40 kilometers south of Oamaru, New Zealand, is a beach where hundreds of calcium carbonate spheres have fallen out of a cliff face and rolled down into the water. They range in size from small nodules to giant balls over 4 meters in diameter.

Said to be the result of slow growth around a nucleus, the spheres are referred to as “concretions” and are thought to be the result of tiny amounts of mineral precipitation taking place over 65 million years.
Excerpts (above) by Stephen Smith- from an idea submitted by Klaas Geertsma
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