Those 'Good Revolutionaries' March Forth

-Posted by D. Worth (US) for- M. Barbay (France)

Chavez sends tanks to Colombia border in dispute... Story.
"Venezuela President Hugo Chavez ordered tank battalions to the Colombian border and mobilized warplanes on Sunday after Colombian troops struck inside Ecuador in an attack on rebels.

He also ordered the shutting of Venezuela's embassy in Colombia and the withdrawal of all diplomatic staff in the dispute, warning Colombia's actions could spark a war in South America."
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With Chavez financial concerns, and heavy new machinery...
First Iraqis, now Chavez; as Ahmadinejad moves funds within countries!
-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan counterpart meet in Tehran Saturday night (3 . 1 . 08)

Evidently, it's not only Ed Morrissey who thinks that if Chavez pulls the trigger and crosses the border into Colombia, the US might be forced to respond militarily...

Iranians, spotted training in Venezuela...(read below)
Now Hugo Threatens Colombia With War...

UPDATE: "It is said that Hugo is upset because Colombian armed forces killed one of the leaders of the FARC terrorist group. Raul Reyes, who Chavez has called, “a good revolutionary”, who was hiding in Ecuador when Colombian troops made him an ex-terrorist." -Ace

Iranians Plant Their Flag in Wilds of Nicaragua
While Iranian money has yet to materialize, the embassy that national security experts most fear as cover for terrorist plots is up and running. Revolutionary Guard operatives reportedly have been moving in and out of the country. In one instance, a senior government minister allowed 21 Iranian men to enter secretly without passport processing.

The longevity of any Iranian presence in Nicaragua may depend on whether it helps Mr. Ortega maintain his razor-thin margin of public support. Influential domestic opponents of the administration are ramping up strong criticism of the alliance, while Nicaragua's poor will support it unless promises go unfulfilled.

Unlike in Venezuela, the Americans have kept a tight lid on any official response to the Iranian move into Nicaragua, suggesting, as several intelligence officials speculate, heightened counter-espionage activity.

Upon arriving in Managua, I linked up with a local interpreter to track down the Iranians and get them talking. In Managua's exclusive suburb of Las Colinas, I finally noticed the distinctive red, white, and green flag of Iran hanging limply from a pole poking up beyond rolls of concertina wire that lined the 12-foot-high walls of a compound. Iran's new envoy to Nicaragua, Akbar Esmaeil-Pour, now calls the mansion inside more

To my Colombian and Venezuelan friends, please be very careful...
You were never fooled by this Iranian leader... So, please be safe.

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