Rose: 1 Hour Interview with Obama (06)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
The Hour with Obama (second video below) was sweet... But I already feel good about myself; and that is why I appreciate that those in command are working 24-7 to prevent your 'typical average' terrorist from spreading random suicide attacks... There is nothing which leads us to believe that cutting-back on National Defense, will end terrorism.

Quite the contrairy... Those who want to kill you, are actually enabled, by your passive stance... (Recent threats against Spain, come to mind.)

Also... Obama: Raise Capital Gains Tax By 100%
(Basically, the death of American prosperity.)

The job before us, is exceedingly difficult...
It is suggested that Americans take the time to re-visit the details of a most crucial time-line in our World's History:
1991: The Fall of the Soviet Union and the Rise of Russia. Here.
And decide (again) how it was handled by Clinton/Gore.

And then, view a pre-candidate, Obama... (Feel-good and that is all)
56 min 40 sec -Oct 19, 2006...

"Conditions in Russia at the Outset of the Yeltsin and Clinton Administrations."
Clinton & Gore's Flawed Russian Policy!
Democrat and Republican Administrations were divided on the 1993 Russian crisis... A crisis which (incidentally) brought about some of the most significant changes in our World... TODAY...
The Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission! View Here

The wisdom of Putin, will prove to be an essential bridge (in many ways) for America's focus, and survival of the entire Int'l Economy...

I'm for this Bridge:
"Bridge-building" Vladimir Putin wants tunnel to US:
Full Story.

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