Off to Studio: ‘Just Like Heaven'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Quick post as I'm off to paint in (Moujan) this week...
Much going on in the world which requires our positive thoughts...

Sometimes all we can do is visualize peaceful surroundings for those
(far away) and caught-up amongst the most difficult of situations...

-A Lovely little clip, for a Lovely Day...

UPDATE: Will return on the 9th... Daily posts added for:
March 6th: EU: Parliament Ratification vs. Plebiscite
March 7th: Mullah's IRGC (So. America Expansion)

A few random ‘Heaven’ links...
Oceans heavenTulsa World, OK - Mar 4, 2008 By Michael Smith World Scene Writer- When Jean-Jacques Mantello is deep below the surface of the waters surrounding the Azores archipelago, sho...

Transport of delight to chocolate heavenEasier (press release), UK - Mar 4, 2008There are some things worth making a journey for and one of them is chocolate. Brussels is the epicentre of chocolate passion and with fares at a bite-sized ...

Heaven's Gate® - How and When It May Be Entered
Official site of the Heaven's Gate

Heaven: 2:42 mins Dec 08, 2007 (Video in its original context below)

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