"Great" Brits could revive US & Europe

-Posted by D. Worth (US) for- M. Barbay (France)

Despite their hinge with a "New EU World Order"...
Talk to a true Brit about patriotism, the pound, and moving with the times... And all that is unique and "Great" will merge forward. But I believe that they might improve conditions of Europe's deepening inflation, if they visit and spend in the US... NOW!

"The Greats & pound" might help revive us all!

Twas luck and Irish immigrants, which helped the Nation.
CLICK-IMAGE (Great video!!) Or View: Here

What to do...
Book early... Prices here, are a fraction of the cost in Europe... It is thought that goods purchased in US should strengthen the dollar; and lack of demand will off-set inflated European goods... And you'll lower your utility costs while in the US! Never a better time to visit America
So, when can we expect you? (Bring billions of those pounds!)

More Break-ups:Travel giant 'to be broken up'
Europe's biggest travel company TUI, which owns UK travel agents, is under pressure to split into separate shipping and travel units.

Unclear about politics of UK family I've just found this.
VIDEO Kissinger shares insight on EU Here.

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