Fate of Burma's Many Invasions of Ayutthaya

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Update: Walking through the Ruins of the old city, Ayutthaya, you will see the scars placed upon it... But will soon see that it remains home to some of the most enlightened and spiritual people of our planet...
(As in today's China)

Thailand's Ayutthaya met with continual disruption by Burma.
(And now explore Burma's standing in today's 21st Century!)

The sixteenth century witnessed the rise of Burma, which, under an aggressive dynasty, had overrun Chiang Mai and Laos and made war on the Thai... In 1569 Burmese forces, joined by Thai rebels mostly royal family members of Siam, captured the city of Ayutthaya and carried off the whole royal family to Burma...
Time past, and Burma (again) aided in the Fall of Ayutthaya... In 1767, Burma invaded, repelled the Qing Dynasty and took back Lannathai, while totally destroying Ayutthaya...

Duration: 02:57 [Recorded: 04 April 2007] Location: Thailand

A Journey through Time Uploaded by footprint-s

Music: Buddhist Mantra - O Mane Padme Hum...

The river bends lazily, then looming before us are remnants of ancient times. The splendor of the Stupas protruding into the heavens above us... We are in awe of the grandeur echoing lifetimes past...
As we walk through the ruins of this woven tapestry of moments, we are overcome by the enormity of it all. The mystical power and serenity of the sandstone Buddha images, some with heads, others not... We are still.
Some fallen and ruined walls form a patchwork of geometric lines; all to be broken again by blooming magnolia trees. All intertwined...

Syria and Iran: are asked to stop their efforts toward preventing Lebanon from developing an independent government... I site this region, as example that History repeats... The reality of this dynamic has cast Burma into a thousand years debt of no return...
Meaning of Stupas Monuments:
"When a great teacher passes away, his body is no more, but to indicate that his mind is dwelling forever in an unchanging way in the dharmakaya, one will erect a stupa as a symbol of the mind of the buddhas." - HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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