China 'Superpower' has Finally Arrived

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Wishing the very best of Success to China's Beijing Olympics!!

Xinuha: Beijing National Stadium..."The Bird's Next"
Official Beijing Olympics Website

Unfortunately, such are the perils of a Merging Global power:
Revolts and marches in streets, military budget rise (17.6% to 417.8 billion) World-wide anti-Olympic protests; and increased AID demands, as China's new standing (amidst its rapid growth and public scrutiny) bring weak vulnerability...

China has Officially Arrived... as the Beijing Olympics begin...

Yesterday, Heightened Terror threats:
Today: Exiles March On Tibet
This last week, China has faced much challenge amidst the World's watchful eye; as the Newly Rising Empire battled to thwart incidents of terror...
A terror which China claims to have stemmed from the North West...

Hopefully these clips will update to something positive…

-I removed the protest videos... Time to think positively, as China continues to take a positive role, both in reforms and renovations...
Safety and prosperity to all!
The Chinese Superpower-Historical Background
Chinese culture and historic morals

Updated: The Downside of a Predictable World for Superpower Nations:
A dominant superpower becomes the focus of every conspiracy, every attack, every threat within and without... Criticized if you respond (or) if you do not respond... We've come to know that the World is often thankless... But that will not stop Nations to strive to continue to assist others... I send good cheer to L. F. L in Beijing; who put forth good intention as they prepared for this event...
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