Rockets, Enrichments, Et Cetera...

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Old news, but worth another look...| Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov; spoke out on his travels back from an EU-Russia meeting (Ljubljana, Slovenia) last week:
"We don't approve of Iran's permanent demonstration of its intentions to develop its rocket sector and continue to enrich
elevated levels of ... uranium." Read more

Iran claims: Test-fired rocket to be used to launch research satellites.

Russia criticizes Iran's defiance
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had criticized Iran for its repeated declarations over its nuclear and rocket technology ambitions.

Recently Russia spoke out after Iran launched a rocket into space, saying it raised suspicion over the true aim of its nuclear programme... More

Russia: Iran's space rocket test could be proof of nuclear weapons programme
"Long-range missiles are one of the components of a [nuclear] weapons system," Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov told Interfax.
Therefore Monday's test launch of Iran's Explorer-1 space rocket was "of course, a cause for concern", he said.

I remember Russia's sincere goal of reducing nuclear weaponry. And now, due to years of client failure to show transparency; Russia's reputation is on the line, & Iran's defiance might very well result in a Gulf arms race.... Iran, & their armies, will be the only who refuse to be transparent.

This was not at all Russia's intention...

Mr Lavrov said Iran should refrain from raising international tensions.... #
"While they haven't been resolved,"It would be better to refrain from actions that raise tensions and "create the impression Iran is ignoring the international community" Goodness not that impression...

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