Mauritania's Tolerant Democracy

Fears of Rising Religious Extremism in Tolerant Democracy for former French colony, Mauritania, which straddles African and black Africa on the Sahara’s western fringe…
Mauritanians don't want Extremism in their lives!
"It has gone from one extreme to another in a very short time. Democracy has its limits. It cannot permit anything and everything; especially when the facts are known."
-Former President Ould Taya (Mauritania)
"Here in the desert we are free...
But in the city we are not free."

From: Integrated Regional Information Networks
United Nations

Article excerpt from the 2/3/08 #
For the country's first democratic government, the possible rise of extremism may mean choosing between curtailing some of the freedoms the new leaders have ushered in, thereby cracking down on extremism and protecting moderates, or risking a growth in Islamic extremism...
Protecting Freedoms, Democratic populations...and Extremists.
President Abdallahi is under pressure from some within his own government and members of the former regime to curtail freedoms... But refuses to apply measures known to flush out terror... And so, it continues to rise...
In Mauritania we know that Democratic Religious Tolerance has greatly contributed to HEALING tensions, for a record number of years... But as Canadian Neil Young says, "music cannot change the world."
This could not be further from the truth...

For nearly 30 years in the west; healing rhythms were instrument toward the expression and diffusion of outward violence...

And whether or not they realize it (or will admit it)...
Healing has just started... for these "Boys in the Hood."

Groupe de Rap en Mauritanie " Oulad Bladi"

Posted by D. Worth (US) For: m. barbay (France)

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