Iraq: Bracing for 'More US Congress' (08)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | For- m. barbay (France)

I'm remembering the Iraqi Army & Civilian Car Bomber Strike, right after the Congress, "Iraq is Lost" '2007 US pull-out bill'... Progress was "often eclipsed by sensational attacks" with hope to overshadow achievements.
Progress meets that same threat of 'overshadow', on Sunday...

On 8.26.07, Hoshyar Zebari Criticized new Congresses’ Politicking.
And made this plea:
"Attempts by US Democrats to hasten the withdrawal of US
troops from Iraq are "damaging to security" in the country." #

Terrorists Worked to Pass that 'US pull-out bill'...

Sunday, House Speaker Pelosi gave her 'Iraq is a failure' speech' by claiming that President Bush’s troop surge had “not produced the desired effect". Her call for “the redeployment of our troops out of Iraq", was followed by a large suicide attack in Balad...
Iraqi Army & Civilian Car Bomber Strike hits again...

Pelosi’s comment came after anchor Wolf Blitzer asked:
“Are you not worried, though, that all the gains that
have been achieved over the past year might be lost?”

What? We're Democrats, they said...

The Return to Fallujah; this time to rebuild...
Madame Pelosi... The same Speaker of the House, who paid a surprise visit to hail Damascus as "the road to Peace"; while insurgents were sneaking into Iraq from Syria.

Gates next stop, was a planned meeting (in Iraq) to praise the Country on their efforts toward Peace... US hails Iraq peace progress

Other stories today...
Sadam's Poison-Cake (thallium) Returns

Dr. "H" (Alexandria) warns of Iranian regime's (Iraq remote-controlled weaponry upgrade)

Al Qaeda Leader's Diary Reveals Organization's Decline
UPDATE: The following Video Statement, by US military spokesman Rear Admiral Gregory Smith; pertains to documents and investigations of al-Qaeda groups...

Please Awakening, continue to quell Shia extremist, & Qaeda violence.
A NEGLECTED FACT: The UN mandate will allow NEITHER Obama, McCain, Hillary, or Huckabee; ability to over-ride the conditions on the ground with a 60 day withdraw... Candidates will not tell you this... The most responsible thing to do (at this juncture) would be to cooperate with the Generals, toward completion of a SAFE security handover...

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