Global Storms Continue (Record Snowfall)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Fantastic Skiing in Tahoe
Snow hits Boston and the Northeast
Biggest Snowfall of Year Hits NYC, Disrupts Travel
N.Y. City: More Than 1,100 Flights Cancelled (Snow Fall)

Quick post... Hope all are keeping warm; as many around the globe are either enjoying (or burdened by) record snowfall! I'm hoping that the Saudis are enjoying the all snow... (A whole new type of drifting.)
In the US: Utah receives 100 inches of Snow in 7 Days!

Lovely little "snowy" clip for a wonderful weekend...

A few more Snowy News Stories...
"The Little Cooling": The big freeze
World Stops Fighting: Huddles to Keep Warm (We wish.)
In China, snowfall was so heavy that over 100,000 houses collapsed under the weight of snow. Jerusalem, Damascus, Amman, and northern Saudi Arabia report the heaviest falls in years and below-zero temperatures.
An extremely cold winter in Iran
Flash floods, avalanches, heavy snowfall, freezing rain, blowing snow, severe cold air and frost led to blocked roads and extensive damage to crops.
White nights in Japan
Night skiing in Niseko, Among the World's Best- (Apr├Ęs in volcanic pools)

"In the beginning of January 2008, the polar vortex moved southward and lay over the Aral Sea in northern central Asia. A deep meridional trough frequently formed over western Europe rather than over central Europe."

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