Healing in a "No Weaponry Zone"

A (safe) and complete demilitarization is what it will take to empower Peaceful negotiations, and shift the dynamic in Palestine and Israel...

Documentary's theme song, "In my Heart" is a musical collaboration between Israeli pop-star David Broza & the popular Palestinian singer Wisam Murad...
A hopeful message about the land they both love... and share.
Abbas's Govt: Dismantling Militant Groups
"There is no al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades any more," Interior Minister Abdel-Razak al-Yahya told Voice of Palestine radio, referring to the group linked to Fatah.

Wow, and here's an OLD but completely NEW message...
(And maybe perfect video) for the region of Palestine and Israel...

(Rated GP- 3 min)

And sadly... They might want to consider arranging for that safe...
"NO WEAPONRY ZONE" before throwing down those weapons...
(Tears on this one.)

And more on the Documentary... My favorite person, shown at middle of this 5 min. clip (below) is a Palestinian refugee (musician) filmed at Aman Refugee Camp, West Bank (05) who said:
"I would like (God willing) to work on a project that will bring music to a large number of children in refugee camps in the West bank and Gaza… When children have hope, they will think more about living, If there’s no hope, children will pick up stones and throw them."
-Ramzi Abu Radwan
-VIDEO ABOUT: Search for Common Ground
'The Shape of the Future', offers the core idea of examining, in an even-handed way, the aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians and to show that agreements are possible that do not threaten the national existence of either party... The film portrays the human level (in Hebrew and Arabic) what an eventual Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement could look like...

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