Coalition Resumes AQI 'Safe Haven' Targets

A brutal time to be had for al-Qaeda (and assoc.) that nestle amongst munitions cache, and IED stashes...
A Sunday press release from Multi-National Corps -Iraq; Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory (Baghdad) has announced a resume in aerial bombardment of an al-Qaeda sanctuary in Arab Jabour, over the weekend...
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"The raid follows the Jan. 10 and Jan. 16 air strikes in the same region which hit a combined total of 64 targets...

The precision air strikes targeted suspected AQI safe havens as part of Operation Marne Thunderbolt, which is part of the country-wide Operation Phantom Phoenix." Read more

Interesting videos:
(L) Rockets launched from heli's guided by a laser on hideout in Iraq.
(M) New Iraqi offensive 3:07 CNN's Ralitsa Vasseliva speaks with Army Brig. Gen. Jim Huggins about a new offensive targeting militant hide-outs.
(R) Iraqis celebrate the purge of the Militant thugs and rebel groups...

However, those wanting to be a part of a Free Iraq:
The Iraqi Multi-National Forces provide multiple opportunities for more than 24,000 detainees in its care (and custody) while detained in Theater Internment Facilities (TIF). Read.
The evaluation provides a better understanding of the individuals in detention and their potential for inclusion in detainee reintegration programs...Iraqi Detainees The offering of Educational, Vocational and Religious Programs, are designed not only to address deficiencies in these areas; but to work to disengage detainees from violence. #
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