Return the Thirst of Eratosthenes -Science

We may be a small and vulnerable world...
But it is the reality of Abundance which encourages cooperation, incentive, sharing, and the bravery to disprove ones own theory. :D

Eratosthenes changed the world (of how we see it) but not to disprove the flat-earth theory; nor to prove his theory that Earth was a sphere; but to challenge his test for accuracy, by using the tools of Geometry et (stadia) to measure the size of the sphere. And so, he did.. amidst the tremendous challenge by those who tried to prevent him.. Flat Earth and its Advocates

If you have a moment today, please show support for ICSC's Scientists who were prevented from presenting their research toward climate solution... We must ALL work together, for the better of mankind.
ICSC Excluded From Scientific Voice (Bali)

CLICK SUN- VIDEO: Q & A- Huge solar flares effect temperature change on Earth & solar system NASA´s SOHO satellite-©
Eratosthenes also determined the obliquity of the Ecliptic, measured the tilt of the earth's axis with great accuracy obtaining the value of 23° 51' 15", prepared a star map containing 675 stars...
And in the face of great challenge:
Eratosthenes suggested that leap day be added every fourth year; as he tried to construct accurately-dated history... Read more.

I've mentioned the writings of Richard Feynman who stressed that it is the scientist's responsibility to other scientists and laymen; to bend over backwards to show how their work is (or may be) wrong... Read more
"We've learned from experience that the truth will come out. Other experimenters will repeat your experiment and find out whether you were wrong or right." Nature's phenomena will agree or they'll disagree with your theory.

And although you may gain some temporary fame and excitement, you will not gain a good reputation as a scientist if you haven't tried to be very careful in this kind of work."
The vast majority of atmospheric CO2 (97%) is naturally occurring...
Solar to the geothermic faults due to volcanic (CO2 producing) earth change, which holds chief responsibility for Hurricane phenomena...

Then it becomes the reality of Abundance which encourages cooperation, incentive, sharing, and the bravery to disprove ones own theory. :D

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