Greatness of France Realized by Sarkozy

Although portions of French Society might not realize how truly fortunate they are to have Sarkozy... History will reveal the result of a leadership that sacrificed to restore France; and returned destiny towards Greatness, to its people...

Just before he took office, a postcard from Paris might have looked a little like the left side of the card (below) ... When it is the right-side, rich in history; which reveals the Beauty of the World's most adored culture...
Sarkozy is Leading France Away from Potential Disaster

The sign of a good leader is one who provides strength, hope, and belief in its people; which can easily transform a Nation... In fact, if US elections were held tomorrow, Sarkozy would EASILY win by a land-slide! (smile)... And I am positive that he would tell us things that some might want to resist; but ALL would know, hold truth...

Sarkozy's friendship holds lasting value; at a time when my Country strives for balance... Long live France...Merci...xoxo -M.B.

Sarkozy returns from U.S. to skepticism, strikes
"Sarkozy says changes are vital for a more dynamic economy...

"You are in your role, defending your social benefits. I'm in my role by saying ... you cannot go on like that. And deep down you know that perfectly well," Sarkozy said. Read more

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