China Update: USS Kitty Sails On

Wow, this is truly a small world... Of the hundreds who flew to China to catch a family member's arrival on the 'rejected' USS Kitty'... A former neighbor was among them! He answered my message saying that he simply arranged to meet his daughter at the next destination... Japan?

Unfortunately others who flew in from all corners; were not as fortunate. According to news reports: China later reversed its decision; but vessels were already on their way back to their home ports. The vessels chose not to turn around. Admiral: "I'm perplexed and concerned."
Gotta love Nawaz talking over the screams of the Jet! Haha!

But then, there's is always the "Dark" & 'undisclosed' technological aspects; best understood by Surveillance and Reconnaissance Experts; precisely in the detection of military technology.
"China's arms buildup appears aimed at "acquiring the ability to overwhelm the defenses of, and successfully attack, U.S. carrier battle groups." Story
UPDATE- Titan Rain: How Chinese Hackers Targeted Whitehall

As far as anyone knew, much looked positive :
China's DM & Pentagon Form Hotline

Not believed to be... Congress's award to the Dalai Lama, nor Congress's public pursuit against toy exports, Nor the multi-million dollar fines they plan to impose on (each) of all future 'tainted children's products.'

In the News...
China denies rumors of dominating world's steel supply
Unsure why the World refers to the US as "Imperialists?"

Depreciation has boosted US net holdings of assets abroad, by making foreign assets owned by American investors more valuable... Europe and other regions with floating exchange rates have lost competitiveness relative to US businesses; and by contrast, US net exports have picked up... US SLOWDOWN THREATENS CHINESE EXPORT GROWTH

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