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Sadly, this issue continues to draw the attention of the entire WORLD; and has cost tens of thousands of lives! It needs to end peacefully ...NOW!
UPDATE: New Thoughts - amidst shared sites...
They've shared the Media, sorrow, and deaths; they'll have to share the Mount!
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السلام Peace שלום

The most Sacred structure is the act of generosity and good will... Time passes, and buildings are not forever...And the only structure which is forever lasting is man's ability (or) inability to share in Peace.

The structure integrates Jewish, Muslim, Armenian, and Christian...# Too bad the Buddhists weren't here pre-Israel; they'd have all known this...

I applaud Secretary Rice for her:
Push of Palestinians and Israelis toward middle

The Deposed and Exiled thugs demand boycott of Israeli-Palestinian Peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland…

On the one hand, claims of the Muslim al-aqsa mosque as the third holiest (behind Mecca and Medina) built 1400 years ago on top of the 3000 year old site of the First and Second Jewish Temples...
And on the other hand, the Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism with legitimate Jewish religion as its historical connection preceding Muslim attachments by 1500 years...
Significant to both: Do the impossible... SHARE...

My friend in Greece, Archeologist Dr. H (not shown) remains completely neutral to the politics of either side...Yet can confirm the legitimacy of the access ramp restoration; which would have easily been confirmed as an urgent project...
السلام Peace שלום

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