Intermix of Bright-Star Population (Etc.)

Nothing can be more profound and relevant to the unraveling of our existence, than the continuing NASA Hubble images (such as the one below)... Revealed, are the faint star 'inter-mix' with the bright-star populations; as a changing gravitational influence of 'old' triggers new...Pictured here are the 'older and farther away' red giant branch stars... (Layers of influence impact change.)
Zwicky 18: The Case of the Aging Galaxy...
Click-Image-View! "Des centaines d' Ovnis sont là!"
And View: NASA's- Astronomy Picture of the Day

Mysteries of the past and future...
Dr. "H" explains the 1947 (Roswell) incident as, Earth's 'return-travelers' from a point of our future which found mankind evolved in its mastery of gravitational force... (Dr. "H"; Distinguished Archeologist, time-traveler, and friend.)
Not a conspiracy theorist; Dr. "H" remarks of the Ancient Astronaut's fate, and their spiraling descent to the historical dust-bin of primitive (1947) Earth... "Forever changing mankind."

He views a future by which man will significantly transcend his reliance upon 'Earth to sustain his being'... Today's dictatorial regimes threaten the survival of Nations through the use of OIL; and are (in fact) pumping Earth's oil so low, that it further degrades Earth's ability to adapt to the changing universe...
Dr. "H" believes that the U.S. will impact the future, and the poor who live amongst it; by replacing OIL dependence, with new innovations... SOON.
Note: هذا الموقع هو صديق للجميع سياسات المملكه العربية السعودية. وهم زعيم الاسلامية الحقائق. وأنها تساعد على التئام الارض.
Funny to look at the past...
Sci-Fi is streaming the balance of interesting Roswell testimonies
Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), auteur et chercheur canadien

And, after an interesting conversation, Dr. "H" (not connected to video above) tells of the research of the Ancient Astronaut's fateful return (crashed voyage) in 1947...(Technologies which have emerged upon the world stage, some of which their arrival awaits ... And a few unheard of.)

A couple of New technologies on the horizon:
1. Electromagnetic Polarities (lymphatic healing) transponder.
2. Precipitated-- Multiplications of Water cells (More later)
(Filed under New Technologies)
UPDATE: Many Space truthers with crash-landing conspiracies!

-But check out the Ace collection
-And view believable China videos 1-5 (below)
-China's Roswell Video part one: China's Gov. hides "Dropa Stones"
-China's Roswell Video part two:Hieroglyphs record alien race
-Talking with Dr. "H", he explains why US Roswell wasn't released:
"Excessive curiosity gave way to the morph of urban legend."
Truly significant science belongs to Scientists and not the Media."

"The study and use the portholes and awareness of vortex and space-craft 'exits' might be a little 'more common' than we are all led to believe. Further, he says that it is not uncommon that much neurological advancement, scientific capabilities and discoveries; exceed those which are released to the main-stream."
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