Earth Move From Duality to Singularity

My evacuee guests and I will be leaving for a couple of days... The raging wall of fire just above the ridge has been quelled; and as it appears, new priorities for the future have been set by all... At one time, we had so many differences; but now (as fire-friends) we unite under one commonality.
Look for your light, & resist the illusion of division.

For many, who remain connected into a higher understanding of Earth and consciousness; ONE can see an obvious view of Earth as it appears to be branching off into two distinct pairs of opposites...(As is indicated in the innumerous global-points of crisis) We are seeing Earth consciousness as it becomes fully engaged in DUELS (duality). Respectfully, these represent a part of the grids-break down and less of a beginning point of argument.
-More at very bottom of post (and when I return)
A little music and news below...
In the News...

Today: Fairly excellent US Economical News:
There's too much angst in the news! But we are in all (in fact) ONE Global economy... With the survival of the poorest countries, in the hands of the Global structure/survival.
Wall Street stocks bounce back
US stock markets have rebounded strongly after last week's heavy losses, which were echoed in equity markets around the world. Wall Street closed higher, after the worst week in four years, caused by panic over the impact of higher interest rates on the economy. European shares remained jittery, with the London market closing down, and analysts expect that markets will remain volatile in the short term.

Recovery on track says HSBC chief
HSBC investors breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when the banking giant announced that it would not need to make further provisions to cover its exposure to the US sub-prime mortgage market. Despite reporting a 63 per cent rise in bad debt provisions in the first half of the year, chief executive Mike Geoghegan said the bank's "two-to-three-year" recovery programme was running "ahead of expectation".

Not much of a doomsayer, here... But many say that the eventuality will see us all come together, right before the end-point...
-Far more Unity has appeared in many areas of the globe... M.B. xoxox

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