Yemen Forces Kill Al-Qaeda Leaders

Khaled Al-Mahdi, Arab News reports:
Yemen Forces Kill Al-Qaeda Mastermind
A.K.A: The Yemeni Tourist Bombers
A sting and raid operation led to the deaths of two Al-Qaeda’s leaders by Yemen Anti-terrorism forces. The terrorists: Qassim Yahya Al-Raimi, his comrade Ali bin Ali Douha; and two unidentified suspects who were killed in the area of Raghwan (near the provincial city of Marib in northcentral Yemen)
Last week, Yemeni authorities identified the bomber and nine other members of the Al-Qaeda cell blamed for the Marib car bomb attack...
*Al-Raimi was among 23 Al-Qaeda operatives who escaped from a heavy-security intelligence prison in Sanaa in Feruary 2006.

This came two days before the US Embassy in Sanaa warned American citizens (in Yemen) of an evolving terrorist threat... “We are now experiencing terrorist actions previously unseen in Yemen,” the embassy said in a warden message, posted on its website. read more

UPDATE: And, thanks to the World community, this is turning out to be a bad week for al-Qaeda! Twelve al-Qaeda terrorists killed near ISLAMABAD:
Al Qaeda men among 12 militants slain by army
"Some low-level Al Qaeda members were identified as having been among the 12 militants killed by an artillery and helicopter attack on two compounds near the Afghan border, officials said on Wednesday, raising the toll of 10 from Tuesday’s strike."

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack! There were no casualties among government forces!
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