Surge Impacting Al-Qaeda Info-War Grip

Daily Military Updates (Video opens in new window)

Iraqis have long blamed al-Qaeda militants for the daily carnage which has left many Iraqi civilians murdered... And now (during the surge) it looks like resistance Media is producing less & less News fodder against the occupation, thus has become less counter-productive to eventual US troop transitioning out of Iraq...
This pace sees al-Qaeda slowly loosing its grip in the information war!

Security via troop increase, support by Iraqi civilians, & daily Military updates (good or bad) confirm Iraqis ability to achieve future regional security, & safe end toward troop occupation!
Please read Michael Yon's article!
-As Instapundit says, "Read the whole thing; and send it to your Senators."
Yon: New York Daily News (excerpt below)
Al Qaeda is guilty of monstrosities in Iraq
- no matter what anyone says -
"And yes, in case there is any room for question, Al Qaeda still is a serious problem in Iraq, one that can be defeated. Until we do, real and lasting security will elude both the Iraqis and us."

(Below: Three things different in Iraq now from any other time he's seen it.)
1. Iraqis are uniting across sectarian lines to drive Al Qaeda in all its disguises out of Iraq, and they are empowered by the success they are having, each one creating a ripple effect of active citizenship.

2. The Iraqi Army is much more capable now than it was in 2005. It is not ready to go it alone, but if we keep working, that day will come.

3. Gen. Petraeus is running the show. Petraeus may well prove to be to counterinsurgency warfare what Patton was to tank battles with Rommel, or what Churchill was to the Nazis. Read more
Now hear it from the Iraqi Locals!
NONE want a full on-going US occupation; but I wonder if they'd be censored if they showed up at a US anti-war rally in support of continuing US troop assistance in fighting against al-Qaeda?
Rick Moran interviews: Sgt. David Aguina

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