Space Effects: Opening Parallel Doors

Centuries of Art, and thousands of years of writings tell the story of man's fear of civilization's end... And as man sifts through buried archives; I do not doubt that his travels and strives have understated his ability… I believe that over-lapping time and parallel use of doors; hold the "unlocked secrets" to his survival…
NASA: Scientist & Astronaut -03
Coping with return to Earth Gravity -Ingals
Today's sightings speak more to me of the collapse of time...The more we examine the locations of portholes, and contrast of space effects upon man; the more we will understand these 'over-laps' amidst our existence.

-The continuing use of portholes, seem obvious to me...
-Click-image-above (Video)
...And perhaps their consistent (and exacting) positions; are more important.

As the conspiracies live on...

Those who dedicate their lives in the quest for messages from Artificial Intelligence; best not hold their breath with "what"...But rather, "where"... It seems logical (to me) that the speed of our existence might only be tracked by the result of our largest steps... (SLOW steps.)

And take a look at this jewel of a UFO clip in Hati! (Hahaha)

Today's stories:
Space-to-ground Conversation with NASA Space Shuttle
Endeavour and Educator Astronaut Barbara Morgan

NOTE: New website coming soon folks... I'll keep you posted... :)

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