Palestine: A Light Shines from Gandhi

Gandhi's persuasive logic through the Art of Nonviolence helped to inspire the world...And today Israel's vow toward Mideast hope, walks these first steps toward peace & healing of all hearts and minds of the conflict...
I am certain that Gandhi would have hoped for this path. #
Mahatma “Great Soul” - The Salt March -1930
-Albert Einstein said of Gandhi at the time of his death:
“It may be in years to come men will scarce believe
that one such as this ever in flesh and blood
walked upon this earth.”
Laying down the weapons in Palestine, and peaceful dismantle of settlements; is a path which requires tremendous courage. And is also the only hope for Peace...
Most accurate account of non-biased "Philosophical Perspectives"
of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (M. E. Sharpe, 1997)

A scratchy but very interesting little Gandhi history...
Walking Alone: Gandhi & India’s Partition...
Division of India & Pakistan remain his sadness...

Travels to Jericho for first talks in Palestine in seven years

Abbas: Palestinians' daily lives will soon improve

Peres' aides confirm plan for PA state
on land equal to 100% of West Bank

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