Africom: Regional Safety, and Peace

The world over, this remains the biggest issue...

As the entire world thirsts for tranquility, stability and peace...
Africans who must live their lives amidst those guilty of Humanitarian violations; also must cope with a serious increase in World-wide Drought.
In time, many of these 'current' water sources, will run dry...
Today, in an effort to avert a repeat of such tragedies as Darfur and Chad; dozens of countries, with AFRICOM, are working together toward solution. What we do today, will help to build a better life for future generations...
Focus on the Force AFRICOM

We, as World donors, must sophisticate and modernize our ability to transport billions of dollars of aid to the people; while protecting these donations from militant intercept... Africans are a people, held back by years of fighting.
NASA: Climate Models to improve conditions in Africa

It is hard to believe that in 2007; Namibia is Still Under Siege
In a column for AllAfrica by C.H. Kashuupulwa Windhoek:
"The nation has an obligation to embrace the policy that aims to open a new way for people to live together in peace while sharing our democratic values, attitudes, languages and knowledge that guide the nation and individuals."

The Policy of National Reconciliation has embraced all Namibians regardless of skin, race, ethnicity, political and religious beliefs and cultural background... Namibia's Vision 2030 is eminent."
(AFRICOM sees this before 2010)

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